Our attitudes towards nature exhibit different aspects depending,naturally enough,on our period in history,our country of origin、and ethnicity,

but also our individual experiences including viewpoints acquired from things like local myths and legends,astrology,and science fiction.

Thinkging without prejudice,once I recet my previously fixed view of everything,I release these things from their original meaning,and look at them again.

From this view, we can now see a new relationship or a story.

Things that we used to, now become things we are not used to.

Looking at things from the perspective of nature, the boundaries between plants and humans disappear,

and we can feel the sensation,of being part of an Earth where all of the things are alive.

I hope that this activities will be a place where various people all over the world can think about  how our consciousness, and ways of thinking can be birthed again or change as we move toward the future.


植松琢麿 Takuma Uematsu  

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