Since we experienced the new millennium, we gained the information society that brought us a new structure of the world, where a virtual reality coexists alongside reality. We have been more wealthy in terms of products, yet we instead acquired diversified sense of value and lost a direct experience. In the light of this, human-to-human, human-to-the world, or furthermore human-to-body linkage has become complex and versatile. Our supposed common notion of value has once broken down at this stage. For Singapore Art Fair, Yumiko Chiba Associates is delighted to present a two-man show by Nobuhiro Nakanishi and Takuma Uematsu. They both are in the same generation and just living at this rapidly changing moment of the world, and struggling to create a new sense of value that we could really appreciate.As you can see in his Layer Drawing series, Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s work portrays changes of the ordinary scenery or our daily life objects photographed at regular intervals, printed on transparent film and assembled in sequence. Capturing the accumulation of time as a sculpture invites viewers to experience the ephemerality of time and their perception to expand to the gap in between each moment. This creates a certain kind of notion that reveals a thin boundary between one side and the other side, and also expresses the fantasy and reality are endlessly turning around in this world.

Takuma Uematsu has been questioning the existence value in this contemporary society, by using natural materials such as crystal, coral, and stuffed specimen as a metaphor of today’s multiple and complex linkage surrounding us, between human and body, body and life, yourself and the world. He presents a new world structure, namely a versatile linkage we’re now involved. In the work titled earth palette no.3 for example, he accumulates water colour palette on the white globe. This reveals and visualizes people’s consciousness by drawing with it. At the same time, this becomes a device to encourage conception and desire toward the future for us.

The two artists commonly attempt to express quite thin borderline and complex linkage caused by this present world. What does it make separate between oneself and others, yourself and the world, this side and the other side, life and death, fantasy and reality? This world consists of two ends which are always turning around and intertwining each other at the same time.